Heavy Duty Brake Pads

Main attributes

Developed specifically for complex terrains, severe climate conditions and rough drivers

100% noise free guarantee

Longer life than other competitors

Friendly with rotor and caliper components because of its heat dissipation properties.

Will not transfer heat to rubber parts and grease making brake system last longer.

Quality tests


AF 2080

Non-metallic formulation with glass fibers and minerals with a high degree of mechanical and thermal resistance.
High material density allows better temperature resistance and more efficient dissipation of the energy captured in the system.
Friction graduation: G G
Wear rate: 5.89%
Recommended for:
Passenger transport buses
Special cargo trucks

AF 2031

Formulation non metallic with glass fibers and higher content of scrap, which allows to lower its cost.
Use of ground rubber delivers greater flexibility and smoother braking in conditions of work overload.
Gradation friction:
GF Wear rate: 6.88
Recommended for:
Normal cargo trucks
Old buses and little demanded routes

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